Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Andre Norton: An Unusual Last Wish Fulfilled

Andre Norton Dies at 93, An Unusual Last Wish Fulfilled
by Kevin Howell, PW Daily

Prolific science fiction/fantasy author Andre Norton, 93, died Thursday of congestive heart failure--not long after her publisher fulfilled her wish to hold a copy of her final novel in her hands.

Tor Books president and publisher Tom Doherty did this by pushing the printing and binding date of Three Hands for Scorpio ahead by two weeks. "We did the entire print run of her book early," said Jim Frenkel, who edited Norton's books at Tor for the last two decades.

The company got a copy "straight from the bindery," Frenkel continued. "We Fed-Ex overnighted her a first copy. I heard secondhand that she held it and said she was pleased by the cobalt blue color of the jacket. She was very specific that when she died she wanted her first and last novels to be cremated with her."


Blogger gwenda said...

So, I never read anything by Andre Norton, that I recall, anyway. If I wanted to, what should it be?

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

time traveler books or beastmaster series

2:54 PM  

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