Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Because Davey and Goliath just isn't Xtreme enough

now the kids can learn wholesome lessons from Bibleman, a shiny Power Ranger type with some kind of light saber-y thing. They don't seem to be on t.v, but you can buy all the DVD's today!

From A Light In The Darkness:

A cloud of darkness and despair descends on the city, courtesy of hilarious evil villain the Wacky Protestor, spreading isolation and sadness to Biblegirl and others. The Word of God guides Bibleman and Cypher to be the light that guides Biblegirl back and chases the Wacky Protestor into the darkness.

I'm kind of loving the villain names like Primordius Drool and El Furioso ("one of the most flamboyant and hilarious villains ever").


Blogger gwenda said...

Oh, like we haven't seen these. My nephews have them ALL. We even had to take them to the C-tian bookstore once to buy them.

But somehow I've managed to black out the details.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

I hadn't seen them, so they were pretty mindblowing. I guess you need to have Xtreme Christian relatives to stay hip these days. We found out because our friends went to their nephew's birthday party, gave him a book (an outer space pop-up book) which he immediately tossed aside in favor of the huge pile of Bibleman loot all the other folks gave him.

9:52 AM  

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