Tuesday, January 04, 2005

you just rolled jeeeezus!

Mortality - A great family board game for Mormons, by Mormons:

"It's competitive, because there is a winner, but it isn't the cutthroat competition that forms the foundation of other games. It becomes a great deal of fun for all the players, not just the winner. Do you have children with sensitive feelings? Or do you have children who tend to be ruthless in games? Don't play Sorry! or Monopoly, play Mortality, and everyone will enjoy it and learn a little about how to truly succeed in life."

And hey:

"Get a game going with your friends, and you'll find yourselves laughing over the troubles each player meets: Your children come home from school with lice; a hailstorm wipes out your tomato plants; you break your arm on the kids' jungle gym; mice invade your teenage son's stash of Twinkies. If you have enough inner strength, you'll grow from each of these challenges. Otherwise, they may do you in!"

K & G, you willing to test this one first?

(There are testimonials!)

Via MeFi.


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