Monday, August 30, 2004

roshambo rambo

Stuever profiles a new "sport" and I can just see the slurry Olympics version now. Since apparently any sport can be an Olympic Sport (Christopher, I know you think badminton is really hard but I think it's probably mostly in the sense of harder to say you wanna go bm pro than telling your parents you want to be a writer).

Yes, friends, I'm talking about rock, paper, scissors.

As burgeoning sports go, rock-paper-scissors has at least this going for it: It embraces and encourages inebriated trash-talking among its competitors.

The rise of RPS is a little like when adults started forming kickball or dodgeball leagues a few years ago. Or the annual air-guitar championship held every summer in Finland. Now comes the commodification and officializing of rock-paper-scissors, a game many people learn from an older sibling on a long car trip. There's a documentary film being made about RPS and, in October, there'll be a book -- "The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide."

See you at the World Championships in Toronto:



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