Wednesday, January 05, 2005

tsunami relief

Just a note for those wanting to donate to a relief organization other than the big international ones: a friend of mine recommended Sarvodaya. It's a Sri Lankan grassroots organization that's been working for human rights and sustainable community development for many years. You can donate via Paypal at their website, and read updates at their blog.

One interesting note I found on Usenet: "Sarvodaya delivers assistance in Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and Christian communities. (US government assistance will NOT aid those millions of Sri Lankan Tamils who reside in areas controlled by the Tamil Tigers. The US government forbids all contact with the Tamil Tigers, although they are a legally recognized organization in Sri Lanka)."

For other options, you've probably already seen Ben Rosenbaum's chart of various relief organizations here. (I see that he just added Sarvodaya to it.)


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