Thursday, October 14, 2004

International/long distance phone reccs?

Anyone have a recc for International/long distance phone companies? AT&T are about to up their peak* state-to-state rate (on the simply named...) One Rate Off-Peak Plan from 10 c/min to 12 c/min. Peak times are M-F 7-7. Methinks I can beat that, but am confused by all the plans offered here and other places like that.

So, any ideas? Anyone have a good plan? I call interstate all the time -- you know that, right...? Also the UK and Oman and occasionally other places. My sister in the UK can call me for 3 c/minute....

*When did peak times move from 9-5? Blame all those bums who work at home or just the time differences?


Blogger Richard said...

I have no idea about long distance providers. Long distance, that's what e-mail is for, right? I just wanted to point out this fact I learned recently: Canada is a different country! Did you know that? They've got, like, a king or something. A different king than we have.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

Working Assets offers domestic long-distance at 5c/minute any time (for a $5.95 monthly fee). Their international plan ($3.95 a month) lets you call the UK for 8c/minute any time. (Looks like Oman is a staggering $1.08/minute, though.)

And they donate to liberal causes.

2:12 AM  

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