Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Naughtiness Quotient: It had to be done

This is just brilliant -- after doing the obvious Misty (half-dog, half-porn star) and Katya (wow, what a dirty bitch), it seemed only fair to see how the names of the withbootsers score on the NQ. (Some images in these links EXTREMELY unsafe for work.)

"Richard" has a negative NQ. Though that David Hasselhoff as Night Rider motorcycle guy has some kind of quotient going.

"Christopher" is also ranking pretty low on the NQ, but gets some minor half point for having an image from mostbeautifulman.com.

"Gavin", surprisingly, has a NQ of 2, plus there's a marching duck toy and I'm not sure how to score that.

"Kelly" is nearly off the NQ meter, with possibly an 8, possibly a couple less or a couple more depending on whether naughty looks with extreme chin pointiness count or not.

"Karen" ranks a 7, plus a picture of a golden shoe.

"Alan" has nil on the NQ, but Alans appear to have more fun.

"Ted" is also clean and clear, though I suggest you go see the cool eye patch guy! (Possible extra pirate points?)

"Gwenda" has a NQ of 1, plus lots of pictures of hurricanes and one lovely horse.

"Barb" seems to score a solid 5, though one of those pics is a headless person and I'm not sure that counts.

"Kristin" turns out to be the name of really pretty, flirty girls the world over -- more teasing than naughty, but the latent naughtiness in some of these pics would put "Kristin" around a 3 in my opinion.

(Yes, I know a couple of these people haven't signed on yet, but I am an optimist and NQs are fun. They're already with us in spirit.)

Feel free to quibble, as the NQ is an inexact science as practiced by me.


Blogger Ted said...

Hmm, Google's SafeSearch doesn't seem to disable properly in my default browser, Opera. Only with IE does turning off SafeSearch seem to do anything.

(Until I figured this out, I was wondering what conceivable definition of "naughty" could describe any of the images that I saw when I clicked those links. Maybe a Taliban definition?)

1:55 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

Yes, yes, we Kristins are always more nice than naughty. It's our parents' faults. It's funny how Kelly and Christopher have the same pics. Ted does have cartoons but then again while certainly creative, they probably rank more geeky than sexy. Storms are sexy, aren't they?

11:19 PM  

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