Saturday, August 06, 2005

follow-up: plagiarism lawsuit

Back in January, I posted about Sophia Stewart's lawsuit against the Wachowski brothers, in which she claimed they had stolen the idea for The Matrix from her. A community college newspaper incorrectly reported that she had won her suit, and the story spread like wildfire.

For an update of the lawsuit's current status, and some thoughts on why the story of her lawsuit's success was so appealing, see this recent article in the LA Times.

(Via Mark Kelly's blog.)


Blogger Richard said...

LA Times wants me to register, and I'm too lazy to get a bugmenot login for it ... but there's a quick wrap-up of the whole affair on Snopes. (Although Snopes, argh, successfully pops up annoying ads even when Firefox is set to block pop-up windows.)

6:49 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

I'd forgotten that the LA Times requires registration. What that article discusses that isn't in the Snopes article is that it's widely believed in the African American community that Sophia Stewart is now a billionaire, and that there is a conspiracy in the mainstream media to suppress this story. Here's a quote:

Dr. Todd Boyd, professor of critical studies at USC's School of Cinema-Television, says the Stewart case speaks to African Americans' deep distrust of the media. "A lot of people, regardless of race, continue to have very unsophisticated views of the media," said Boyd. "And many African Americans in particular are still very distrustful of the media." That distrust comes from a history of being either negatively portrayed or completely ignored by the press.

(And I didn't know that Snopes has pop-ups; I'm using Opera, which I guess is taking care of them.)

10:42 PM  

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